Comparison – VMware vSAN Configuration Maximums

Comparison of VMware vSAN Configuration Maximums:

My previous blogs “VMware Virtual Machine and ESXi Maximums” and Comparison of VMware vCenter Configuration Maximums have already covered the comparison of vSphere configuration maximums between vSphere 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 for Virtual Machine, ESXi, Storage, Networking, and vCenter Server. Now lets go ahead and compare the VMware vSAN configuration maximums. Here I have also included the Virtual Volume (VVOL) maximum supported configuration parameters.

Virtual SAN Configuration Maximums:

From the below Virtual SAN configuration maximums table, we can get the information about vSAN parameter’s upper limits with different versions of vSAN.

Virtual SAN ParametersvSAN 5.5vSAN 6.0vSAN 6.5
Virtual SAN ESXi host
Virtual SAN disk groups per host555
Magnetic disks per disk group777
SSD disks per disk group111
Spinning disks in all diskgroups / host353535
Components per Virtual SAN host300090009000
Cache tier devices per host55
Capacity tier devices per diskgroup77
Capacity tier maximum devices3535
Virtual SAN Cluster
Number of Virtual SAN hosts in a cluster326464 (Hybrid) 64 (All-Flash)
Number of datastores per cluster111
Virtual SAN virtual machines
Virtual machines per host100200200
Virtual machines per cluster320064006000
Virtual machine virtual disk size2032 GB62 TB62 TB
Disk stripes per object121212
Flash read cache reservation (%)100100100
Failure to tolerate3 for VM with any size of virtual disk3 for VM vdisk <= 16 TB
1 for VM vdisk > 16 TB
3 for VM vdisk <= 16 TB
Percentage of object space reservation100100100
vSAN / Physical network fabrics222
Virtual SAN iSCSI Target
Number of iSCSI LUNs per Cluster1024
Number of iSCSI Targets per Cluster128
Number of iSCSI LUNs per Target256
Max iSCSI LUN size62 TB
Number of iSCSI sessions per Node128
iSCSI IO queue depth per Node4096
Number of outstanding writes per iSCSI LUN128
Number of outstanding IOs per iSCSI LUN256

Virtual Volumes Configuration Maximums:

The below table contains the information about the comparison of maximum supported values of Virtual Volumes Parameters for vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.5.

Virtual Volumes ParametersVMware vSphere 6.0VMware vSphere 6.5
Data Virtual Volume Size62 TB62 TB
Number of Virtual Volumes bound to a host64,00064,000
Number of PEs per host256256
Storage Container size2^642^64
Storage Container per host256256
Maximum outstanding PE I/O operations128128
Configured VPs per host128128
Maximum configured VVol managed storage arrays per

Reference: VMware vSAN Maximums

In my next blog, I will share the comparison of vCloud Director’s configuration maximum. If you are looking for VMware Virtual Machine and ESXi Maximums, or Comparison of VMware vCenter Configuration Maximums Please check my previous blogs.

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